Empowering Approaches

Empowering approaches involve helping adult and child victims of crime achieve personal, interpersonal, and social power. This can be especially important for those who belong to marginalized and oppressed groups.

Empowering Advocacy for Older Adults and People with Disabilities 
Resources website on how to promote empowering advocacy for older adults and people with disabilities using self-advocacy programs, centers for independent living, state councils on developmental disabilities, and state protection and advocacy systems.

Economic Advocacy and Empowerment
Tools for advocates to help survivors not only make informed financial decisions by increasing their knowledge of economic empowerment, but to also learn ways to help protect them from financial abuse through financial safety.

How Can Victim Advocates Utilize Self-Assessment Tools as an Empowerment Strategy in Practice?
Short article with links to self-assessment tools for measuring resilience, measuring assets, and measuring strengths as a form of empowerment.

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