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Linking Systems of Care Toolkit

The Linking Systems of Care Toolkit is designed to guide communities through fundamental decision points from development and planning to implementation of projects designed to link child-serving systems. In the Toolkit, you will find resources such as samples, templates, and exercises to support your work in this area.

Read more offers peer-driven resources and tools to help build the capacity of domestic violence programs and partners to engage communities in the social change work that is necessary to promote a thriving culture where all relationships are built on respect, equality, and peace.

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Earned Income Tax Credit and Other Tax Credits

This collection highlights key resources for the EITC, the Child Tax Credit, Health Coverage Tax Credits, and others. It includes general information and fact sheets, reports and research, information about how tax credits affect eligibility for other federal benefits, resources to access state specific statistics and contact information, and resources specific to four underserved populations.

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