Many Sexual Assaults Following Stalking

“January is Stalking Awareness Month to raise awareness about the crime of stalking. We have long known that many sexual assaults don’t just spontaneously occur when the sexual assault happens — but rather stalking of the victim by the offender is a frequent precursor of the sexual assault.”

Take a Breath and Reconstruct – Assembling an Inhalant Case

“Many times crashes caused by drivers who were huffing lack the typical evidence found in drugged driving investigations. Law enforcement must be trained to reconstruct these cases so that prosecutors can have ample evidence to get convictions in court. This webinar will focus on one such investigation involving an OWI inhalants crash case and its reconstruction.”

Gaps, Trends and Opportunities: A Five-Year Analysis of OVC Human Trafficking Grantee Data

“OVC and OVC TTAC will discuss the five-year trend analysis of grantee data entered into the Trafficking Information Management System (TIMS) Online performance measures data. This unique data set provides insight from the largest federally-funded grantee pool and will provide critical context to improve identification and service delivery to survivors of human trafficking.”

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An Examination of Afro-Latin@s in the Latino Community

This webinar will focus on the lived realities of the AfroLatina diaspora and the resiliency in the face of violence and various issues facing communities. Yvette will share her experience and learnings from the field to support survivors of violence staring with centering the experiences of AfroLatinas in Latin America and their experiences as immigrants within the context of the U.S. This webinar will explore the importance of both ethnic and racial identity within the Latino community.