Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota

Since Native women are at exceptionally high risk for poverty, homelessness, and sexual violence which are elements in the trafficking of women, and because the needs of Native women are generally not being met, and because prostituted women are at extremely high risk for violence and emotional trauma, our goal was to assess the life circumstances of Native women in prostitution in Minnesota.

About Child Sex Trafficking

This helpful webpage talks about the definition of child sex trafficking, explains who is most vulnerable, talks about specific populations that are more at risk, and explains experiences of those who have been sex trafficked before, during, and after trafficking experience.

Failed Interventions: Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and the Criminalization of Survival

There has been no systematic overview of the statutes that require courts to consider a defendant’s history of trauma in the contexts of domestic violence and human trafficking. There has also been no attempt to explore how these statutes relate to each other. This Note fills those gaps. It also identifies essential elements future statutory interventions in these contexts must include in order to grant effective relief to survivor-defendants.