What Is Critical Race Theory?

This educational and informative article defines Critical Race Theory (CRT), including its origins and key principles; explains its relevance to today’s society (i.e. Black Lives Matter, educational policies involving CRT, etc.); and discusses the future of CRT.

Self-Care is Essential for Advocates

Crime victim advocacy is a workspace where trauma, illness, discrimination, violence, victim blaming, and other soul-injuring happenstances are things we hear about frequently. This month, we created a complication of resources and trainings from within the last year centered around self-care. These resources discuss changes that organizations and individuals can make to promote advocate wellbeing.

It’s okay to talk about suicide

Suicide is tragic, and we don’t often talk about it in crime victim advocacy. According to SAMHSA, “Asking a loved one about suicide will not make them suicidal. In fact, the person who may be thinking of suicide may feel relieved to be asked about it and grateful to have a safe place to share their thoughts.” So, it’s time we talk about suicide.