Serving Survivors Impacted by the Criminal Legal System

This webinar will highlight the multitude of ways that a criminal record can negatively impact a survivor’s life and safety, and how programs can begin to build resources and innovative community partnerships in order to help survivors overcome the barriers they face after an incarceration or criminal conviction.

VAWA Confidentiality: Empowering Survivors, Protecting Information

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) requires OVW-funded victim service providers to protect survivors’ privacy. This interactive webinar will highlight how VAWA confidentiality requirements compliment survivor empowerment and offer best practices for maintaining survivors’ privacy. By participating in this webinar, victim services providers will be better able to explain how the VAWA privacy requirements relate to survivor-centered care.

Raped, Then Jailed: The Risks of Prosecution for Falsely Reporting Sexual Assault

This webinar focuses on the scenario where victims summon the courage to report a sexual assault, only to be disbelieved, mistreated, and later charged (often erroneously) with false reporting or associated crimes such as obstruction of justice, interfering with law enforcement, or providing false statements. The presentation will detail how these scenarios unfold, highlighting factors that distinguish an interview conducted with a victim versus a suspect in a criminal investigation, and we document how this can result in a false confession.

Navigating Difficult Situations: Common Issues SARTs Face

This webinar will focus on common questions received from SARTs across the country. Although many SARTs experience similar issues, each situation and community requires unique strategies. This webinar will explore the questions, offer strategies that have worked for other teams, and hear some new things that have worked in your communities!

Working at the Intersections of DV, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health: Research, Resources, and Recommendations

This webinar is designed for State Mental Health and State Substance Use Disorder Treatment Directors and staff; State Family Violence Prevention and Services Administrators and staff; State, Territory and Tribal Domestic and Sexual Violence Coalitions; and for organizations and practitioners working in the  domestic and sexual violence, mental health, and substance use disorder treatment and recovery fields.