What Is Sexual Violence?

“Here we talk about sexual violence as defined by women. Though, sexual violence happens to men and children, the majority of victims of sexual violence are women. To undo violence against men and children, the first step is to undo violence against women. That’s why we talk about sexual violence against women from a woman’s perspective.”

Gardens for Growing Healthy Communities

“A recently formed collaborative, Gardens for Growing Healthy Communities studies how community gardens in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods in Denver impact community health and translates findings for stakeholders. The project works to foster community well-being in inner-city neighborhoods by turning vacant lots into community gardens.”

Victim Impact Statements

“As you are preparing your impact statement, you may find that using the following questions can guide you.  Remember that writing about your feelings may be very painful, so be sure to pace yourself and don’t feel that you need to have it “perfect”.  Be gentle with yourself and take as many breaks as you need.”