COVID-19 Health Equity Podcast Series

“What does preventing sexual violence look like in a pandemic? And how have people been adapting their work in light of the health inequities being revealed by COVID-19? These are the big questions we brought to the seven-episode COVID-19 and Health Equity series of NSVRC’s podcast Resource on the Go.”

What is cultural abuse?

“Intimate partner violence, in all forms, is destructive at its heart. Most people can identify the more common forms of abuse, which include physical, emotional, sexual and financial. One of the lesser known forms, cultural or spiritual abuse, is one of the most devastating, yet it is rarely spoken of.”

Research Brief: LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention in Schools

“Inclusion of suicide prevention may not only train young people to support their peers who are in crisis but may also be beneficial to their own well-being. Using data from The Trevor Project’s 2021 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, this brief explores the inclusion of LGBTQ people or issues and suicide prevention in middle and high school curriculums.”

Twice Invisible: Understanding Rural Native America

“Outdated Census definitions and poor data quality have led to a misunderstanding about the size and significance of the rural Native American population. Unfortunately, in an era of data-driven decision-making and increased demands for efficiency and impact, small and rural Native communities are often left behind – twice invisible.”