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EVAWI’s OnLine Training Institute (OLTI)

“Each of the 19 OLTI modules offers comprehensive, realistic, and concrete information delivered by highly qualified trainers in the criminal justice and community response to sexual assault. Clearly defined objectives, interactive scenarios, and robust assessments make the OLTI an excellent fit for law enforcement seeking continuing education.”

Developing Effective CCR Responses to Address Danger: The Role of Systems and Community-Based Advocates

“Participants will learn about tools that can be used by community-based advocates, system-based advocates, victim-witness coordinators, law enforcement and prosecution to assess a victim’s danger at different times and in different settings, and how to utilize tools to improve the criminal justice response to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence.”

Enhancing Faith-Based Responses: A Conversation [Podcast]

“Discusses the importance of engaging and partnering with faith leaders in the community response against domestic violence, highlighting several faith leaders who have used their platform to engage with people who use violence as well as a new toolkit on the topic, Between Compassion and Accountability, Guidelines for Faith Leaders Responding to People Who Abuse Intimate Partners.”

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Providing Trauma-Conscious and Person-Centered Direct Services in a Virtual Setting

“This webinar will focus on best practices in direct service delivery for individuals who have experience human trafficking through the following objectives: 1) Building trauma-conscious and person-centered practices with clients in a virtual setting. 2) Explore ethical considerations and practices that integrate HIPAA compliant virtual services provision. 3) Identify best practices in trauma-informed and survivor-centered service delivery.”

Housing Rights of Domestic Violence Survivors During & After COVID-19: How Survivors Who Rent Their Homes Can Keep Their Housing

“This webinar will cover: (1) how survivors living in federally assisted housing can continue exercising Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) housing protections during COVID-19; (2) what COVID-19 eviction protections are in place; and (3) best practices for advocates working with survivors regarding payment of rent during the pandemic.”

Life Doesn’t Come with Jumper Cables

“During this gathering, Kellie will provide individuals with a basic understanding of catabolic (negative) and anabolic (positive) energy. The seven levels of energy will be introduced and opportunities provided that will allow participants to identify  how (and if) these energy levels show up for them both at home and in their workplace.”

Adult Protective Services Study on the Impact of COVID-19

“The APS TARC recently conducted a study on the impact of COVID-19 on adult protective services. Via a national survey and interviews with state administrators and local staff, the study looked at changes and challenges in adapting to COVID-19 restrictions. This webinar will discuss findings on the effects on work and workload, policy and practices, partnerships and preparedness.”