Mobile Apps

These Apps Are Not Owned Or Affiliated With WOCN, Inc. or MIVAN


This list of phone apps support those experiencing DV, accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, and those looking for emergency housing.

Circle of 6 – Circle of 6 is a mobile app that makes it quick and easy to reach your circle and let them know where you are, and what you need. It’s a fast, easy-to-use and secure way to look out for each other. The design is simple. It takes two touches to get help quickly for all.

OnWatch – OnWatch is a Mobile App and an Apps Against Abuse Challenge winner. OnWatch utilizes all the capabilities of current smartphone technology to provide user-friendly methods of staying in touch and connecting with friends and emergency personnel.

SafeNight – People who want to help those in need of safe shelter download the SafeNight app and set up a profile. They receive an alert when someone needs a safe place to stay and there is no available space in a shelter. The app lets them make an immediate donation to help.

Humanware – Humanware allows a deaf-blind person portability and independence to participate in TTY, text messaging and Face-to-Face conversations. Now a deaf-blind person can use Bluetooth connectivity to pair their HumanWare Braille device to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Love is Not Abuse – This free app was launched by Liz Claiborne Inc. is called “Love is not Abuse.” It has a digital dating abuse simulator that sends menacing text message and emails, allowing parents to experience abusive behavior for themselves. It also provides tips.

HopeLine – Verizon has released a HopeLine app for Android that not only provides direct access to support services and the National Domestic Violence Hotline, but also allows users to engage others involved in domestic violence awareness by sharing their photos and videos.