Getting Started

Welcome to the Michigan Victim Advocacy Network’s Navigation Guide. is an interactive website that informs, educates, and connects victim advocates. The MiVAN website includes many different resources and possibilities.

In this guide, you will find a complete breakdown of the MiVAN website. As the website grows, this document will be updated to reflect any new changes.


Safety Banner

The MiVAN team acknowledges that based on our name, victims of crime may stumble on the website. We have included a dark green safety alert banner at the top of the page that serves to direct victims of crime to Michigan and National resources. If this banner does not apply to you, it can be removed by clicking the exit button.

If the banner does apply to you, once selected, you will be directed to the resources page for victims of crime.

Login and Search

In the top right of the website, you will find a login and search option. Here you can login to an existing account or create a new account. We will touch on how to manage your profile in greater detail later in this manual.

The search allows you to navigate the website using keywords. Click on the search icon and you will be prompted to type in your search.

Mission statement

MiVAN’s mission statement can be found on the home page.

Navigating the About Us Tab

This page has three sub-tabs:

Who We Are

This section highlights the names and roles of the MiVAN team. As the MiVAN team continues to expand or change this page will be updated accordingly.

What We Do

This section explains the origins of the MiVAN project, what it entails, and will include the data and results from the advocate surveys.

Contact Us

Clicking this tab will take you to a contact form. Please select your reason for contacting us, and fill out this form. Your message will be sent directly to the MiVAN Team and we will get back to you with a timely response.

Navigating the Resources Tab

This section has resources from across the country with topic areas including: Advocacy Skills, Doing Advocacy Remotely, COVID-19 Response, National ResourcesConfidentiality Resources, Advocate Resiliency, and Ending Systemic Oppression.

Advocacy Skills

Clicking this tab will take you to a page with five different sub-sections listed on the right side of the page:

Click on the sub-section of your choice and you will be redirected to a corresponding page of relevant information and links.

National Resources

Clicking on this tab will bring you to a list of links. These links are all relevant National Resources.

Resource for Advocate Resilience

This tab is filled with resources related to Advocate Resilience. Clicking on this tab will bring you to a page full of resources that aids to address and help with the challenges and wellbeing of advocates.

Navigating the Announcements and News Tab

This tab will bring you to a page full of relevant Announcements and News including up-and-coming events and updates from our partners. The most recent posting is located at the top of the page and the least recent is located at the bottom. You can also filter the announcements and news by topic.

Navigating My Dashboard

This tab is only available to users with registered and approved MiVAN accounts.

There are many different functions on the My Dashboard page:

Profile: In your Profile, you are able to see the information you have inputted on the MiVAN website. Use the buttons on the row below to navigate through your profile: 

  • To edit your profile information, click the “Edit” button.
  • To change your profile photo, click the “Change Profile Photo” button. Here you can either upload a photo or take one directly on the website by clicking the “Take Photo” button.
  • To change your cover image, click the “Change Cover Image” button.

Notifications: In the Notifications section you will receive an alert about any activity related to your profile. Section navigation options are located on the second line of buttons:

  • To access your notifications, click the “Read” button.

Messages: In the Messages section you will are able to receive, send, and star messages with other advocates on the MiVAN website. Section navigation options are located on the second line of buttons:

  • To access the messages you have starred, click the “Starred” button.
  • To access the messages you have sent, click the “Sent” button.
  • To compose a new message, click the “Compose” button.

My Courses: Clicking on the My Courses button will take you to your dashboard. Here you will find a list of the courses you are enrolled in and have completed.

Settings: In the Settings section you will be able to change your account settings. Section navigation options are located on the second line of buttons:

  • To change your email and password, click the “Email” button. After changing your email, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button.
  • To edit who can view what on your profile, click the “Change Password” button.

Navigating Online Training

This tab is only available to users with registered and approved MiVAN accounts.

On this page, you can find and enroll in Online Courses, in-person trainings and events in which MiVAN is hosting or participating. For an overview of your enrolled courses, trainings, and events please visit the My Dashboard page.  


If you are a VOCA funded employee, DVS will be posting mandated webinars on the MiVAN Online Training Tab. These webinars include topics such as sexual assault, confidentiality, and other relevant subject matters.


If there are advocacy trainings you attended outside of MiVAN you may request to self-report these trainings. You may do this using our Self-Reporting Form, which can be found on your “Profile” section or on the right hand side of most pages. You will be asked to fill out this form on the details of the training. In addition, we ask that you upload proof of your attendance. If accepted, the approved training will be added to your MiVAN transcript.


As you complete trainings on the Online Training section of the website, these completed trainings will be added to your transcript. To monitor your completion, you can view this transcript at any time on your Profile or by clicking the “My Transcript” link on the right-hand side of most pages.  Your self-reported trainings will also appear here.

On the Bottom of Every Page

Sign Up to Join the Network

You will see a large “Sign Up to Join the Network” button. Clicking this will bring you to directly to the Registration page for Creating a profile will allow you to network with other advocates and take online courses.

Shortcut Photos

On every page there are three photos: News, Resources, and Contact Us.

  • News: Clicking the news photo will take you to the Announcements and News page.
  • Resources: Clicking the resources photo will take you directly to the “Resources for Advocate Resilience” page.
  • Contact Us: Clicking the contact us photo will take you to a contact form. Fill out this form and your message will be sent to the MiVAN Team. We will get back to you with a timely response.