Meeting this Moment: Meaningful Engagement for Social Change

August 2020

This webinar was hosted by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence


“At this moment, together we bear witness as the pandemic of racial injustice, systemic oppression, and exploitation continues to rage across the country, causing many losses. Recent events highlight significant and long-standing health and economic disparities among African Americans and other racial and ethnic groups. Such gaps in treatment reflect inequality and continue to cause immeasurable pain to Black communities. This moment in time is a call for transformation – a critical opportunity to revisit the roots of our movement to end gender-based violence in ways that can purposefully restore humanity for all.

Join this conversation about pivoting our work to meet this moment and co-creating the world we all deserve during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and beyond. At this time when advocates and preventionists are ready to embrace new approaches to healing, health, safety, and justice, the presenters will explore strategies for connecting the dots between our awareness and prevention work, and for building meaningful relationships that help us move to transformative action in our communities.”

View this webinar here