Law Enforcement Sexual Misconduct: Introducing a Model Policy Resource for Prevention and Accountability

November 2020

This webinar is from EVAWI


The overwhelming majority of those who serve in the noble profession of law enforcement are professionals who uphold their oath of office. However, we cannot ignore the numerous headlines, arrests, convictions, and lawsuits describing horrific acts of sexual misconduct perpetrated by law enforcement officers.  When a predatory sexual offender has the power and authority of the police, this creates an extremely serious breach of the ethics of the profession, a violation of the color of law, and a traumatic victimization of a colleague or citizen whom law enforcement has sworn to protect.

Through an examination of case studies and after-action reviews, the presenter will discuss the need for policy to proactively confront law enforcement sexual misconduct as well as introduce a new EVAWI resource titled: “Model Policy Resource: Law Enforcement Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Accountability.”


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the prevalence of law enforcement sexual misconduct and the impact on public trust.
  • Define law enforcement sexual misconduct to assist in preventing and addressing the wide range of behaviors that can include both criminal and noncriminal conduct.
  • Recognize the role that department policy can play in public trust, and law enforcement sexual misconduct prevention and accountability.
  • Utilize the EVAWI “Model Policy Resource: Law Enforcement Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Accountability” as a tool to assist in the development of a department policy, or to enhance a current policy.


EVAWI Model Policy Resource: Law Enforcement Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Accountability