Name That Tune! – Integrating Music into Senior Fraud Education

January 11, 2021

Original article posted by NCEA


“It occurred to me that “Name that Tune,” a trivia game familiar in some older adult communities, could be facilitated online and be easily modified to incorporate information sharing. Using music as a focal point allows participants to associate information with personal experiences which may help with concept memorization and increase participation. The game also allows us to approach the topic of fraud with levity, an appreciated change of tone during these stressful times. From a learning theory perspective, research on arts integrated learning has shown benefits related to memory and recall; engagement; and may provide a relaxed atmosphere more conducive to learning. In terms of inclusion, the format of the game and conferencing software functionality allow for “phone only” players to participate as well. Perhaps most important, we came to learn that participants just really have a lot of fun participating in this activity.”

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