The Abuse in Later Life Education Series for Advocates

This resource is made available by NCALL


“The Abuse in Later Life Education Series for Advocates consists of 20 instructional video clips featuring national experts discussing key topics advocates encounter when serving older survivors. The training modules are formatted as videos, each less than 30 minutes in length. A worksheet accompanies each module with links to additional resources and questions for advocates and programs to consider as they incorporate key content into their practice. For your convenience, NCALL has created a chart individuals can use to track which modules they have watched. The document contains the module title, information on the presenters, the length of each recorded module, and space to write the date the module was watched. Please note: There is no cost to view these modules. You will be prompted to complete a short survey of 3 questions prior to accessing each module.”

Access all these training modules through their publications library under “Advocacy”