Serving Trans and Non-Binary Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

November 2017-January 2018

This collection is from VAWnet


“Despite the fact that people who identify as transgender or non-binary experience violence and harassment in every aspect of life at astoundingly high rates (NCTE, 2016), there are still significant gaps in services (Seelman, 2015) for these survivors of domestic and sexual violence. This Special Collection supports advocates and agencies seeking to build their capacity to provide accessible and inclusive services to trans and non-binary survivors.

This collection offers guidance on how to provide accessible, culturally responsive, and affirming services to survivors of all genders. It includes resources that explain the importance of pronouns and outline some key concepts and terms relating to gender identity and expression. Additionally, this collection cites recent research illustrating the broad scope of violence against trans individuals and communities, particularly for people who live at the intersections of multiple forms of oppression, and addresses the failure of systems to properly support survivors in these communities. It directs service providers to some helpful tools and guidance for promoting inclusivity and advocating for trans survivors within domestic and sexual violence organizations. Lastly, this collection also provides resources for survivors.”

This collection includes sections such as:

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