The Harmful Impact of my Neurotypical Privilege at Work

September 16, 2020

Original post from MCEDSV


“As an aspiring ally, I recognize that there are people in this world who I don’t share a common identity with that I’d like to be in solidarity with. There are oppressions in our country that I benefit from, I affirm that this is incredibly harmful, and I want to actively want to fight to end this. So, I want to be an ally. 

To make more workplaces inclusive of all people, here are some of the helpful practices that people with neurodivergence and their allies came up with:

  • Use lighting options other than just florescent lighting;
  • Ask staff not to wear scents or bring scented items into the office;
  • Turning the camera off during Zoom meetings”

Read the full post and find additional helpful practices here