Building Resilience in Families Contending With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


This training is provided by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network


“Introduces the FOCUS Family Resiliency Program, a brief evidence-based intervention that is among the most widely disseminated family-based programs for military populations, and will discuss general issues in adapting it with families who have a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This webinar discusses overall considerations in working with families and children with IDD, as well as how they may apply to the administration of FOCUS. This will be illustrated with a case description in which the FOCUS Program was adapted for a military family with a teenage daughter diagnosed with autism. The intervention was conducted several years after father’s deployment and during a period in which the family reported high levels of distress. We will discuss ways in which the family benefitted from the protocol, as well as what adjustments to the FOCUS modules proved effective in working with a child on the spectrum.”

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