Good Neighbor Program: A Law Enforcement Program Worth Replicating

April 15, 2021

Posted on National Center on Elder Abuse by Sgt. Bernadette Smith, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office


“The role of law enforcement is not just about kicking down doors and arresting criminals.  It is also about protecting one of our most vulnerable populations.  Seniors have greatly contributed to society, worked full careers, raised families, assisted with grandchildren, helped their aging parents; and are now slowing down.  They deserve our attention, respect and the protection of our law enforcement. This was the impetus for the Douglas County Sherriff’s office designing the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) Good Neighbor Program.

By design, this community outreach program connects the sheriff’s office with the older Americans in our community.  A comprehensive home visit is conducted by a peace officer, and emergency information is procured, a safety check of the residence is completed along with admonitions about current scams.”

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