Gay Latino Sexual Assault Survivors : Best Practices To Supporting Nuestros Hermanos

July 2020

Esperanza United

Part 1

“This two-part webinar serves as a primer for community stakeholders, advocates, researchers, and service providers who may interface with Latino sexual assault survivors. Participants will be provided with an overview of prior research of sexual violence towards gay men and the LGBT Latinx community, including victimization prevalence rates and known barriers for this population. Topics surrounding Latino masculinities, and heterosexism will be discussed in relation to their influence on gay Latino sexual assault survivors. Particular emphasis will be placed on the way homophobia and racism (including anti-Black racism) affect the experiences of gay Latino sexual assault survivors during the reporting process and follow-up care. Relevant policies and their implications for gay Latino sexual assault survivors will also be discussed. Dr. López will share his own research, which focuses on the barriers and facilitators encountered by gay Latino sexual assault survivors during the reporting process. He will specifically highlight how homophobia and racism affected their decision-making process, and their experiences when reporting having been sexually assaulted to reporting authorities and in receiving follow up care. Lastly, participants will be provided with best practices for engaging with gay Latino sexual assault survivors and how to best support them in their community.”

Part 2