Special Issue on Gun Violence

“In recognition of Gun Violence Awareness Day and in light of multiple recent tragedies, Violence and Gender is providing free access to the below special issues spanning themes including gun ownership, beliefs about gun control and gun ownership, gun policy, among others.”

Three Times Doctors and Detectives in TV Dramas Exemplified Trauma-Informed Practice Well

Like many of you, we love a good TV drama and take notice when crime victims are portrayed in the media. We’d like to take a moment to think about ways crime victim portrayals on TV can be connected to MiVAN resources that you can use in your advocacy practice! The three examples below show trauma-informed practice in action, help humanize survivors, and raise awareness about the realities of sexual assault and crime victim rights in ways that we can link to MiVAN training resources.

Anti-Blackness in the Movement

“For organizations striving to serve as allies and accomplices to Black communities, these five podcasts are a tool to better understand how they can fulfill their commitments and create a movement that addresses gender-based violence against all people while following the lead of the most marginalized among us.”