Advocacy Beyond Leaving: a Guide for Domestic Violence Advocates

Futures Without Violence & NRCDV

Link to PDF (36 pages)

“Advocates are skilled and effective in helping victims to limit contact or leave a relationship. It is a primary safety strategy and one of the things we do well. Yet, when a victim’s focus and goals are to remain in contact, to remain in the relationship, or to improve her children’s relationship with their father, we may quickly move out of our comfort zone. We might struggle to identify safety strategies, to find resources, to know what to do and what to say.

This Guide provides information that will help advocates with these challenges. In an easy to read question and answer format, this Guide offers practical suggestions to assist advocates working day to day with victims. Using the familiar and concrete framework of woman-defined advocacy, the Guide explains advocates’ important role in safety planning when victims are in contact with current or former partners.”