VAWA “No Fee” Toolkit

“This toolkit was created for advocates who assist survivors with the issuance, service, and enforcement of their protection orders. The purpose of the toolkit is to assist advocates in facilitating compliance with the “no fee” certification requirements by all jurisdictions.”

PAAM Victim Rights Training Unit

“We focus on areas where additional information and training is needed to adequately and appropriately address the needs of victims in the State of Michigan. We consistently provide access to comprehensive and quality services and we strive to support, improve and replicate promising practices in the field of victim’s rights and services across the State of Michigan.”

Crime Victim Compensation

“The Crime Victim Services Commission (CVSC) Compensation Program may help crime victims, who sustained a personal physical injury, and their immediate families with the financial costs of crime. Costs that may be eligible include medical treatment, counseling, funerals, crime scene clean-up, grief counseling and loss of income or support not paid by other sources.”

Advocacy for Muslim Women

“Notions of identity carry complex political, social, and familial meanings. The following terms are defined for clarity only and not to force anyone into a particular regional and ethnic grouping. Self-identification is appropriately a matter of individual decision.”

Model School Policy

“To help make it easier for schools to prevent, assess, intervene in, and respond to suicidal behavior, The Trevor Project has collaborated to create a Model School District Policy for Suicide Prevention.”