Unprecedented Times Call for Extraordinary Self-Care Measures

April 10, 2020

This was posted originally on MCEDSV’s blog page


“It’s hard. This space we’re in, right here, right now is hard…and it’s unfamiliar. Well, for some. Sure, as a whole society, we may not have felt vulnerable like this in quite some time to something our science or technology could not fix. But for some of us, feeling exposed, restricted, and anxious is a part of our daily bread. Some of us are surviving all sorts of situations while being reminded to wash hands to the Happy Birthday song and stand six feet from the person in the grocery store. What if the person we need to stay safe from is in our home?

A crisis like the one the world is experiencing now is particularly difficult for survivors of violence. The news is triggering themes of lack of safety. The updates and statistics further messages of loss of control and fear. And when activity is limited to our homes or our immediate surroundings, those surviving are susceptible to being thrown back into the dangerous and shaming “go along just to get along” cycles they work hard to avoid. However, finding pieces of self-care and resilience during the most impossible times is the superpower of many. So, how can we channel our strength and reroute the energy we want? Try one or all 7 of the tips listed below.”

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