Understanding Vicarious Trauma

“In this session, providers will develop an increased understanding of vicarious trauma and determine ways to develop resiliency and healthy coping skills for those providing care to recent victims of sexual assault.”

Resilience Tools and Ideas for People Who Have Stories

“We all have stories. Some more than others but remember, it isn’t a competition, and we are all in this together. If you are in a helping profession, you have a story or more than likely, a lot of stories. Wendy Hummell, Kim Colegrove, and Brenda Dietzman will give you tools and tips for a more resilient life and answer your questions during this resilience-building discussion panel.”

Find Balance in Advocacy Workflow through Tech

“While technology increasingly acts as a gateway to greater accessibility — from digital services, virtual programming, and online learning opportunities to global social movements and social media activism — constant notifications and inbox alerts and the rapid pace of news and new opportunities can easily overwhelm us.”