Domestic Violence and Disabilities

“This webinar will offer data on American Indian/Alaska Native disabilities in equal access, fair accommodations, and an opportunity to make powerful contributions to provide accessible, safe, and effective services to individuals with disabilities and Deaf individuals who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.”

VAWA “No Fee” Toolkit

“This toolkit was created for advocates who assist survivors with the issuance, service, and enforcement of their protection orders. The purpose of the toolkit is to assist advocates in facilitating compliance with the “no fee” certification requirements by all jurisdictions.”

Supporting our Elder Community: COVID-19 and the Fight Against Loneliness

“Our grandmother lives in a bustling retirement community and, before COVID-19, she had a thriving social life. She often had visitors over to her apartment, loved to go to the gym with her friends, and took the bus to the supermarket every week. Because of her compromised immune system, when COVID-19 arose in March, her doctor told her that she needed to self-isolate.”

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Neurobiology of Trauma: Focus on Memory Process

“Dr. Hopper begins with a brief primer on memory encoding, storage, and retrieval – especially during experiences involving stress and trauma. Discussion then focuses on some key insights drawn from the scientific literature, including the fact that no one can remember everything about an experience, and recall can get better over time.”