Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Governor Whitmer Declares October 2020 Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 1, 2020 “WHEREAS, domestic violence perpetrators intentionally use a pattern of physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and/or economic coercion and abuse to control their intimate partners, violating their dignity, security, and both psychological and physical well-being; and, WHEREAS, domestic violence perpetrators cause significant and long-lasting trauma…

Domestic Violence Awareness Project

“Raising awareness involves efforts to increase knowledge or reshape cultural norms or false perceptions about gender-based violence. This includes educating ourselves and those in our communities about healthy relationships, the dynamics of abuse, and the root causes of gender-based violence.”

In Memoriam 2020

“We mourn the lives that our communities have lost in 2020 and before and send love and light to their friends and family. Below are the names of the lives we have lost to fatal, anti-LGBTQ violence this year so far. Those whose names are marked with an asterisk were lost as a result of intimate partner violence.”


In 2016, AVP and the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs responded to the homicides of 23 transgender and gender nonconforming people, most of whom were transgender women of color. Discover how you can take action today

Polyvictimization in Later Life

“The training addresses the context of polyvictimization; victims and perpetrators of polyvictimization; best practices to work with older adults affected by polyvictimization using trauma-informed, ethical, and culturally appropriate practices; and the latest research and best practices to serve this population.”