Online Dispute Resolution and Domestic Violence

“Online processes can increase access to dispute resolution for some domestic violence survivors. They can be out of reach for others who don’t have access to private space, reliable internet, uncompromised electronic devices, or basic technical know-how. Online dispute resolution can also expand opportunities for abuse. Mediators can’t afford to jump into online processes without considering certain core limitations.”

Life Doesn’t Come with Jumper Cables

“During this gathering, Kellie will provide individuals with a basic understanding of catabolic (negative) and anabolic (positive) energy. The seven levels of energy will be introduced and opportunities provided that will allow participants to identify  how (and if) these energy levels show up for them both at home and in their workplace.”

Adult Protective Services Study on the Impact of COVID-19

“The APS TARC recently conducted a study on the impact of COVID-19 on adult protective services. Via a national survey and interviews with state administrators and local staff, the study looked at changes and challenges in adapting to COVID-19 restrictions. This webinar will discuss findings on the effects on work and workload, policy and practices, partnerships and preparedness.”

Meeting the Needs of LGBTQ+ Survivors with Disabilities

“This webinar will review best practices for supporting survivors with disabilities who also identify as LGBTQ+. Service providers will receive training on how to support the self determination of LGBTQ+ survivors with disabilities as well as strategies for overcoming social and institutional barriers these individuals experience accessing services and healing.”

Vicarious Trauma in Tribal Organizations

“During the webinar, we will explore how tribal programs and leadership can use the OVC Vicarious Trauma Toolkit to create more trauma informed, healthier work environments; a particularly important goal given existing challenges and stress imposed by the global pandemic.”

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Job Archive at NNEDV

NNEDV hosts job postings on its website for other domestic violence organizations across the country.  Job seekers should contact the organizations with job postings in this section directly.  NNEDV does not have additional information about the jobs posted and does not participate in the hiring process for these organizations.