In Times Like These Self-Care is Essential

September 23, 2020

This is an excerpt from the original post by MCEDSV


“This is an unprecedented time in which we’re all being called to practice social distancing. This may mean staying at home, or you may be going into work as an essential member of society who is maintaining our ability to function through this crisis. Then once you’re able to be at home you practice social distancing in other ways. Both of these, keeping essential services running smoothly and practicing social distancing, are essential parts of maintaining a healthy and functioning community. However, we know that it’s difficult to have your normal routines disrupted, or completely changed. It is important for us all during this time to practice social connection and community care.

There are ways that you can add moments of self-care and social connection to your days. I have found for me scheduling my time can help  me create a new routine and structure to days whether I’m working from home, or I am not sure how to spend my time at home. It can be as simple as scheduling regular check-in phone or video calls with friends and family or scheduling which days you plan on doing certain activities like cleaning, reading, working out, or cooking.

It is especially important to reach out to family and friends during this time…”

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